What is ChoreMonster?

ChoreMonster is a suite of web and mobile apps for parents and kids that aims to make chores fun. Kids can earn points by completing chores that they can turn in for personal rewards like ice cream, an hour of Xbox, or even a canoe trip. Parents can enjoy a simple, hassle-free, digital system that takes the tension out of family chores. Our mission at ChoreMonster is to improve the lives of parents and children with the tools they use every day (for a more in depth view into our thinking, you can read this).

The site (and eventually the iPhone/iPod Touch app) is divided into two separate areas — one for parents and one for kids (so that we can appeal visually, functionally and interactively to both audiences). parent registers with the site, adds their child (or children), creates and assigns point values to each chore, then creates a reward for that child that they earn by saving up points. Kids have their own section where they check on current and upcoming chores, let their parents know if they're done, view potential rewards, and along the way gain various Monsters.

Why private beta?

You ever go to a restaurant in jeans and a t-shirt to find out it's a jacket and tie required establishment (and there you sit in an ugly, ill-fitting sport coat and clip on tie that comes up to your chest eating a salad) ? Right now we're dressed casually (not naked, thankfully for everyone) until we feel ready to go out fully dressed. A private beta allows us to continually update, perfect, improve, screw up, repair and grow with a limited number of users to create a better product that is dressed for the fancy dinner, so to speak. That means that things will occasionally not function, issues will arise, expected options and choices will be missing or incomplete and you'll frequently hear "we're working on it". So, you're our test mice.

How do I register?

In order to register for the private beta of ChoreMonster you must have an invite code. After you have an invite code you simply add it to our registration form.

How do I get an invite code?

There are many different ways you can get an invite code: from an online magazine that is covering us (and has a special invite code attached to it) , by using Facebook Connect upon adding your email, or when we're feeling randomly gracious. After you get an invite code, you can use it to register.

How do I add child/chore/reward?

When you first log into the ChoreMonster Parents section of the website, you will be prompted on how to use the system by our Monster tour guide (and ChoreMonster senior manager) Frank Rumplebottom (who is from a long line of Rumplebottoms, a noble monster family from the lineage Rabblerump; who as I'm sure you know, was the founding family of the infamous Fuzzytummy Finishing School in New South Northwest Whateversville). He will step by step direct you on how to add a Child and how to add and edit Chores and Rewards for that child. You can make him go away at any point(or come back) by clicking the "?" under your kid(s) name.

Is the potty humor necessary?

Yes. Absolutely. Fart face.

Where does my child log in?

Your child has their own, unique area of our website (separate from the parents area of the website). They log in (with the username and password you gave them) by going to the Kids area (on the home page by clicking the sign that says “KIDS” or by going here: http://choremonster.com/kids). Here your child will be able to see their upcoming and overdue chores (and how many points each chore is worth) , see their rewards as well as a library of all the monsters they've earned.

What do you do with my child's information?

When adding your child in the Parents section of the website, we ask for a limited amount of information about your child, including sex, birthday and an email address. The email address is not required; but if one is input it will be used to send alerts to new chores, birthday greetings, new reward additions from the parents, and when they've gained a monster (which is not yet active) but never any solicitations, newsletters, or as an alert that they were added to the system (we will not send a confirmation to them about their username and password you create for them, we figure you can talk to them about it). You can read more about our Privacy policy here.

Why doesn't the app do ______?

We love your feedback. We really do (I know most people say that and don't mean it, and then they explain how they really mean it unlike everyone else, but we really do mean it. Seriously). As we are in our infancy, moving at the speed of an exploding star traveling on a rocket that is attached to light, we value your input in helping us to make the experience for our users that much better. That being said (yeah, here comes our rebuking) , not everything is something we will consider. Often we have to make choices to keep our system as simple and scalable for all the various ways in which a family or an individual or a child might act and think. Sometimes it's just not a good idea (there, we said it, but we still love you, here, have some ice cream).

We are planning many things, here are a few (that we can disclose):

  • More monsters. More and more and more. With more interactivity with them — including but not limited to virtual items, coloring, randomized speech.
  • Other things we can't tell you about that might change your life forever.

Things we will not be doing:

  • Adding an abundance of "customizable" content. Too much customization creates confusion and renders the simplicity and efficiency of the site useless. Everyone's family interacts differently — using, thinking, exploring, and implementing things in unique ways. We simply are unable to make something that makes everyone happy(but you knew that) nor is it our goal.
  • Allowing for printable chore charts. That simply goes against our whole mission to connect parents and kids in the digital world. There are lots of resources and places where you can get those, and we will not be one.
  • Creating a calendar view. Why? Because a calendar, as efficient a function as it seems, is ultimately an interface. Putting a calendar on our site would not only interfere with the established interface, it would destroy our desire to keep things simple and easy. While you might be used to a calendar, we feel it limits and complicates the process we have set in place in our chore management system.

If I have an idea, concern and/or question, who do I contact?

All comments, questions, concerns, issues and even praise (we like that too, really, don't be shy about saying nice things sometimes) should be directed to ourGetSatisfaction page. We try to respond to all your feedback as quickly and as helpfully as we can.

Why does my child eat paper?

Back in 1374, there was an outbreak of random and uncontrollable dancing; a mania if you will. Thousands of people would be dancing for hours upon days with seemingly no ability to control their actions. Many experts hypothesize that the outbreak was caused by a shared stress (a sort of decompression from the plague, floods, etc) , or a mass hysteria. Your child eating paper is likely a reaction to his or her inability to dance. Or maybe they like to chew things. Or maybe they learned it by watching you.